Hacking, Glitching and Bans

  • Hackers are not wanted here and will be kicked and banned when caught.
  • Glitching is not tolerated unless there is a reasonable explanation.
  • The Server will auto deny entry to any player with 3 or more bans
  • If you are kicked more than 3 times you will be banned with no further warning.
  • Bans may be appealed by contacting support vis the above menu or the link http://support.pioneerx.co.uk/ where the server owner will review your case.


  • This is a peaceful PvE server please respect it as such. 
  • Base takeovers/raids/etc are NOT permitted regardless of the game mechanics used this will result in a ban.
  • Griefing of any kind will NOT be tolerated and will result in a ban
  • Don’t accuse another player of greifing, abuse or hacking unless you have proof (Fraps recording, screenshots are acceptable methods). If you implicate another player or PM the admin but don’t have any proof to back up your claim, we can’t help you.

General Anti-Social Behavior

  • Impersonating any Admins, the SERVER CONSOLE, or other players names is an immediate bannable offence. As is passing yourself off as an admin generally.
  • Excessive use of CAPS in chat channels is frowned upon and if you are asked to stop, do so.
  • Raging, abuse or outright disrespect of another player of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in the player being muted in chat, or kicked.
  • Racist symbols, signs and language will result in the player being asked to remove them, kicked from server or banned at discretion of the enforcing admin.
  • Symbols, signs and language considered abusive will result in the player being asked to remove them, kicked from server or banned at discretion of the enforcing admin.
  • As avatars are visible in game, if you have a graphic which is deemed to be inappropriate content (Pornography, Racist symbols or anything else that could cause offense) you may be asked to change it while in the server.
  • Advertising other servers will not be tolerated. This is a bannable offence.
  • General Anti-Social Behavior or disruption of the server will result in a kick or ban at the Admins discretion.
  • If the owner or an admin asks you to stop doing something that is breaking the rules or otherwise disrupting the server please listen to them, otherwise you could be kicked or banned. If you have a complaint about Admin conduct please submit a support ticket using the menu above or this link http://support.pioneerx.co.uk/ and the server owner will look into it.